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Silbury Hill near Avebury, Wiltshire

Named after a prehistoric artificial chalk mound near Avebury in the English county of Wiltshire. It is part of the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At 30 metres (98 ft) high, Silbury Hill – which is part of the complex of Neolithic monuments around Avebury, which includes the Avebury Ring and West Kennet Long Barrow – is the tallest prehistoric human-made mound in Europe and one of the largest in the world; it is similar in size to some of the smaller Egyptian pyramids.

Archaeologists calculate that Silbury Hill was built about 4,750 years ago and that it took 18 million man-hours, or 500 men working for 15 years, to deposit and shape 248,000 cubic metres of earth. The exact purpose of the hill is unknown, though various suggestions have been put forward.

This room is en-suite with a comfortable Double bed and although Avebury’s pre-historic stones are walking distance away, in your room you have the modern luxuries of a flat screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Room Size: 11ft 11″ x 10ft 9″


Double bed;


Tea/Coffee making facilities;

Flat screen 32″ TV;

FREE Breakfast;