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Windmill Hill room

Windmill Hill room
Windmill Hill room
Windmill Hill room

Windmill Hill is a Neolithic causewayed enclosure in the county of Wiltshire, part of the Avebury World Heritage Site, about 1 mile northwest of Avebury. Enclosing an area of 21 acres, it is the largest known causewayed enclosure in Britain.

The site was bought by Alexander Keiller in 1924 and excavated over several seasons from 1926–1929 by Keiller and Harold St George Gray. Windmill Hill is almost like a ‘brand name’ among archaeologists; the pottery finds at this site were so distinctive that they gave their name to similar finds all over Britain, and ‘Windmill Hill’ became almost synonymous with a style of ancient pottery and the time period and culture it embodied.

The reason that Windmill Hill has such a high profile is simple; it was one of the first prehistoric sites to be thoroughly investigated, and provided a lot of information on the life of early agricultural communities in England.

This Windmill Hill room at Dorwyn Manor is en-suite with a comfortable Double bed and although Avebury’s pre-historic stones are walking distance away, in your room you have the modern luxuries of a flat screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Room Size: 11ft 11″ x 10ft 9″


Double Bed;


Tea/Coffee making facilities;

Flat screen 32″ TV;

FREE Breakfast;

Cots available at a cost of £10 per night;